Easy 3 step process to donate medications.

1.  Learn what is eligible for donation.  (Read Below)
2.  Complete required Donation Form and return to the pharmacy with your donated meds.
3.  Find a participating pharmacy near you.  Bring your eligible meds to the pharmacy to donate.

Eligible Medication for Donation

1.  We will NOT accept any narcotic medication.
2.  Medication must not be 3 month prior to it's expiration date.
3.  Medication must be unopened.
     a.  Individual Blister packs CAN be accepted
     b.  Only bottles with an unbroken seal CAN be accepted
     c.  Individually packaged medications CAN be accepted if unopened 
           Example: Injectibles, inhalers, drops, creams, etc.
4.  If your medication has a temperature storage requirement is manufactured with a time temperature indicator, this must be in tact.